that was tougher than expected – Morains to Macon bourg d’oisans to bristol day 2

b2b day 2 to maconb2b day 2 to maconb2b day 2 to macon

It was raining when I started off this morning an hour later than planned due to it being the first day of spring.  The first 30km were pretty much all up hill peaking at 695m on the Col du Banchet. By the time I had reached the top it was snowing so I did not hang about for too long. Winter woollies were put on for the descent which was much to short compared to the ascent. By the afternoon the sun had come out but I was now heading into a cold northerly headwind – this stayed with me to the bitter end.

My Garmin GPS system has become my friend – after a few setting adjustments I finally understand what it is telling me. I trust it now,  it does a better job of knowing where I am than I ever will. I occasionally  talk to it now and it occasionally talks back at me with a high screech “you are going the wrong way” or a more subtle beep when I take the correct turn. Sometimes though the local council build a new round-a-bout or change a junction. This causes us both confusion.

No washing of bike in the shower tonight. I have learnt from last nights mistake so will be doing it just before setting off tomorrow.

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