Marginal gains and never stay in a hotel at the top of a hill

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bourg to bristol

Bourg d’Oisans to Bristol Day 3 , a set on Flickr.  Day 3 from Macon to Saulieu – 146km

Dave Brailsford would have been proud of me today. I followed his mantra of marginal gains and saved myself 2km by ignoring the GPS system. I saw an old road snaking up the side of the hill to a chateau – checked on the GPS system and confirmed it joined up again later on. The road was definitely steeper but it looked doable. The GPS screamed at me for a couple of hundred metres before sulking like a teenager for the next 6km. It chirped back to life once I re-joined the road as if nothing had happened. The chateau was worth it.

I cycled through vineyard country today specifically on the Route des Grands Crus and a quick check of the Strava segments confirmed that some of our American clients rode there last summer. Small world though I still managed to go faster despite the panniers. One too many glasses of wine must have slowed them down.

Saulieu looked like a great place to stay so I booked a room in a hotel there.

3 problems:

1. It was at the top of a great big hill (well big after 146km)

2. It was Easter and only one restaurant was open (you  gotta love the French!) and this was at the bottom of the hill.

3. WiFi was rubbish – hence this is a day late