I will never believe Phil Ligget again when he says its a flat stage through the centre of France

bourg to bristolbourg to bristolbourg to bristolbourg to bristol

Bourg d’Oisans to Bristol Day 4, a set on Flickr. Day 4 Saulieu to Troyes – 155km

Todays ride looked fairly easy – the profile suggested it was all down hill to Troyes – so definitely a stage for the sprinters.

How wrong could I have been.

The first 40km to Avallon proved to be fairly pleasant and after a coffee stop in McDonalds and (finally) a grocery shop in a supermarket I set off for the next 110km.

What came next was 80km of non descript rolling hill farmland and a cold headwind. It hurt, I ran out of water while in the middle of nowhere and started cramping in my left calf. After what seemed like an eternity I emerged back into civilisation refilled my bidons and dropped down into Troyes – just in time for rush hour traffic.

My flat downhill stage ended up including 1356m of climbing which got me to thinking; how much climbing am I doing a day compared to my local climb Alpe d’Huez (1071m gain)

  • Day 1 –  0.36
  • Day 2 –  1.08
  • Day 3 –  1.16
  • Day 4 –  1.26

There is a pattern developing there.

So far I have ridden 532 km .