This is probably the question that we get asked the most. Its impossible to answer because it really depends on your fitness. The fastest guest we have had has completed it in 48 minutes. The slowest nearly 3 hours. Anything under one hour is considered good. The average time for our guests tends to be 75 minutes and the time to beat is that of the singer Sheryl Crow who competed it in 90 minutes.

Please visit our individual tours for more information however the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the riding. We also welcome cyclist on e-bikes.

During the summer months there is plenty to do in the area. Non riders are welcome to join the tours for the same price as the riders. Where possible we will accommodate them in the day to day running of the tours. However our priority is towards the cycling group.

We know WiFi is important to people. Where ever possible we will make sure that WiFi is available. We cannot guarantee speeds especially in the mountains.

The mountains here are long and steep and they are pretty difficult to avoid. We would suggest a good quality road bike with either a triple or double compact chainset. We have had people with standard chain rings but unless you are a very strong rider we would not recommend this. Alternatively e-bikes are also welcome on our holidays.

We recommend flying to Lyon or Geneva airport.

On our supported tours we have basic tools, track pump and workstand available. You should bring a basic supply of inner tubes, patches, a small pump, and a multi-tool. You should also bring spares and tools specific to your bike such as a rear mech hanger.

We would suggesting having insurance both for your bike and yourself. We would also recommend a road helmet , gloves and glasses. Sun cream is also a good idea as the summer days are long and hot and you will be in exposed areas with little shelter for long periods of time.

The Alps can get very hot in the summer but the weather at the top of the mountain is changeable. It can be hot in the valley and wet at the summit. We recommend you bring a waterproof coat and more than one change of kit. Plus arm and leg warmers. Most villages have launderettes.

Bidouiller. Apparently!

Yes we do but please be aware that some hotels and accommodation in less populated areas are a bit reluctant to provide alternative menus.

Yes, of course. Please note that accommodation is based on shared rooms and where possible we sleep guests of the same sex together, but we cannot guarantee a women or men only room.

Yes we do please wait for us at the top of the mountain !

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