Ride to La Peza over the Puerto de Los Blancares

On another beautiful day here in Sierra Nevada southern spain i took the road to the sleepy village of La Peza over the 1297m Puerto de Los Blancares. This is an out and back route covering some 60 km with a 20 km climb through the valley to the summit of the Puerto de Los Blancares and then a 10km descent down into La Peza. It was sunday so there were a fair few spanish riders out in full thermal gear. They must have been roasting as the temperatures hit 19 degrees today. I obviously stood out a little in my short sleeve jersey and shorts but they were all cheary enough shouting out “hola” as we passed each other.

Ride details can be found here – certainly feeling like i have not ridden a bike for a couple of months !  The route could be extended from Monachil but its a busy road. This would add approximately 30km to the route. I will be searching for a quieter road tomorrow to link this route to Monachil as I tackle an alternative route up the Pico de Veleta