Ride to Guejar Sierra and beyond day 3

Todays ride took me into Granada city centre from my base in Monachil before exiting it again to cycle up towards the town of Guejar Sierra. The town is nestled on the side of a mountain overlooking a massive lake.

I cycled through the town centre to find a super steep short climb exiting and continuing on into the valley. The road here turned narrow with loads of switchbacks before crossing the river that feeds the lake. The real climb of the day started now often hitting 17 percent with some of the bends so steep that the road had small grid patterns on the surface obvioulsy to help in times of slippery conditions. It was very much about keeping your weight over the back wheel to stop yourself losing traction. It was a beautiful climb up a narrow swithback road.

This climb up is an alternative route uptowards the Pico de Veleta meeting the main road at about 1700 metres (and the high point of the day) From here (after a spot of lunch) I took the main road back down to just outside Guijar Sierra. This is the main road upto the Sierra Nevada ski resort although not at all busy – only 1 car overtook me. Once back in the Valley i retaced my steps back to Granada and then Monochil.