Je fais du vélo, je mange, je dors.

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Day 6 and I have started tapering down for the Paris Roubaix sportive on Saturday. Todays distance was a much shorter 76 km from Laon to Caudry via the sleepy Busigny the start of the Paris Roubaix challenge on Saturday.

It has gone bitterly cold now but is remaining dry while the rest of France is being battered by snow and rain.

It was good to be back on the quiet country roads after yesterdays route. On hindsight I made some wrong decisions as to the route.

Northern France really is one giant farmers field. For the past 3 days all I have done is ride into a headwind on straight rolling roads with huge fields either side. Occasionally you come across a small village with the hope that there maybe something open for you to either eat or drink. Most of the time I have been out of luck. What do all the people that live here actually do ? Farm I guess.

I did find an open café in Tupigny where the locals quickly stubbed their cigarettes out as I walked through the day. I asked for a café au lait and got a black coffee with a litre bottle of uht milk. Once all the locals had run away leaving the owner with this strange lycra clad cyclist we talked about the Paris Roubaix and my trip from Bourg d’Oisans.

Next I stopped off in Busigny to check the start town out. It was another French sleepy town. The organisers have started putting the signs out for Paris Roubaix race and I followed them for a while. Sadly there was no cobbles in this section though.

Time to sleep.