Day 18 The Karitane Circuit plus Baldwin Street

First time over 2000 metres of climbing for a ride in New Zealand and also for the year. Dunedin certainly has it all.

First to Baldwin Street. Well I kind of cleared it today despite one dab as I inexplicably cycled into a driveway ! I think I need to change the rear cassette to a 30 before I could clear this fully. I am happy with my attempt though and it gives me a reason to come back.


Karitane Loop

I really enjoyed this 90 km loop. It had it all big climbs, great views, mostly quiet roads and great coffee and would be an ideal training for a trip with us at more than 21 bends

You can see the route detail here.

The ride starts on the harbour cyclepath before turning off for the 3 km Blueskin road and down into Blueskin bay. The middle section is on the busy Highway 1, but just before you get there you can stop at the garden centre cafe or the mini supermarket in Waitati.  This was the only opportunity for food and you can also stop off here on the way back as the ride is a figure of eight.

After the busy road you turn off for the coast road and the excellent views from Puketeraki lookout


Karitane is the furthest point on the ride, pretty much on the bay in the photo shown above,  and again you have to join Highway 1 back to Waitati. The highway is pretty busy but felt fine to be riding on.

The highlight of the ride was the last climb and descent up the 7km Mount Cargill Road. Mount Cargill is equivelent to a smaller Alpes climb and descent the only difference being the thick bush either side of you. I can not remember seeing any cars on this section until entering Dunedin city centre.

It was a cold ride today a local temperature board registering a chilly 11 degrees mainly because of very low cloud cover. The top of Mount Cargill at 400 metres was in the cloud.

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