Lacets de Montvernier
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Lacets de Montvernier (778)m

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The Lacets appeared in the Tour de France for the first time in 2015


[Average gradient: 8.0% Distance 3.7km ]

They are probably the most talked about addition to the 2015 Tour de France route (stage 18). Finished in 1934 after six years of construction, the Lacets de Montvernier are an astounding feat of engineering linking the little village of Montvernier, high above on a plateau, with the main road below.

Lacets  means hairpins or shoes laces in French and  there are 17 of these hairpins in the first 2.5km of the climb cut into the side of the mountain. They are stacked so tightly on top of one another it is very difficult to get a good photo of them except perhaps from a helicopter. Each hairpin is approximately 150 long and the road is narrow with very sharp hairpins.



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